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1. Needs analysis

Cours d'anglais personnalisés

A 30-minute individual session is arranged with our director to conduct a placement test to determine your level, interests, learning style & objectives to enable us to integrate a new language that suits your personal Englishlearning needs.


  • Your level: passive and active, both orally and in writing.


  • Your objectives: specific, general, professional or academic


  • Your interests: the course content is tailored to your interests to stimulate long term learning and motivation.


  • Your learning style. Visual, auditory or kinesthetic, logical/mathematical, linguistic, art/and or music, movement


  • Your way of integrating a new language: detail-oriented, instinctive or global integration, social or individual.


  • Your individual learning needs: high potential, atypical intelligences, attention deficit or any specific English learning needs




A report is then prepared and sent to the student or parents, who may add further details, before returning it signed. This document is used by the teacher to personalise learning, always under the supervision of the director, who is the eagle-eye behind all programmes.

Cours d'anglais personnalisés

2. Courses

Based on the needs analysis, our director will choose the most suitable programme & teacher for you.

You are involved in your learning process through an interactive approach, which prioritises the use of the language in a natural way, as close as possible to real-life situations.

As far as teaching is concerned, a one- fits- all method is not effective. We have various methods that we adapt according to the students’ needs.

Évaluations cours d'anglais personnalisés

3. Evaluation

We conduct regular evaluations using oral and written tests. Official exams are organised upon request.

All exam preparation courses include additional online exercises.

Cambridge: Young Learners

Teenager or adults FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC

IELTS academic or general, Life skills. Aptis


Raports progrès cours d'anglais personnalisés

  4. Progress report

The report is a brief outline of the course content including strengths, our observations, and points to work on that may be requested by the student's parents, the company or the students themselves.
At the end of each school year, a report is sent to the parents of the young students. (children/adolescents)

Progress reports can be requested by the company or the counsellor for subsidised (adult) English courses.


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Cours Anglais avec label de qualité eduqua
Cours Anglais avec label de qualité eduqua
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