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Wednesday and Saturday morning classes

Wednesday and Saturday: immersion morning class to learn English from age 4

We offer 3-hour English lessons per week, on Wednesday or Saturday mornings, for children aged 4 and over.

Two options available:



Annual class, structured per level.

Varied and dynamic activities

Starters (Débutants) Pre A1: 4-6 ans

Movers (Faux débutants) A2: 6-8 ans



Theme-based learning in full immersion for all levels.

Theatre, creative activities.

Registration per term.

Ages 4-6 and 7-10

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Wednesday and Saturday classes?

Wednesday courses are classic courses organised by level, according to an annual programme.  

Saturday courses are themed courses for children of all levels, based on a modular programme.

Both are taught by our qualified teachers and offer a structured approach to learning English. 

Wednesday classes are suitable for families looking for a more academic approach. Saturday mornings are suitable for families looking for a modular solution, allowing your children to follow courses for one, two or three terms, consecutive or not.


Prices for the year. Courses are billed per term. If you enrol during the year, the price is calculated on a pro rata basis. Unless you explicitly request it, enrolment for Wednesday classes is for the year, and for Saturday classes, for the term. 

Registration fee: CHF 100 (charged only on first enrolment)

Books and materials: CHF 100/year.


3h Class

3'990 CHF (38 classes)


3h Class

1st term (13 classes)

1'365 CHF

2nd term (9 classes)

945 CHF

3rd term (9 classes)

945 CHF

Calendrier scolaire



Le 28 août (enfants)

Le 11 septembre (adolescents)

Fin du premier trimestre: 22.12.2023

Début du deuxième trimestre: 08.01.2024

Fin du deuxième trimestre: 28.03.2024

Début du troisième trimestre: 15.04.2024

Fin de l'année scolaire: 28.06.2024

Pas de cours pendant les vacances scolaires et jours fériés :

jeudi 7 septembre 2023 

du lundi 23 octobre 2021 au vendredi 227 octobre 2023

du samedi 23 décembre 2023 au dimanche 7 janvier 2024 

du lundi 19 février 2024 au vendredi 23 février 2024

du vendredi 29 avril avril 2024 au dimanche 14 avril 2024 

jeudi 9 et vendredi 10 mai 2024

lundi 20 mai 2024

Vacances d'été : dès le lundi 1er juillet 2024.

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